roof replacement in ann arbor⁣

Advantages of Roof Replacement in Ann Arbor⁣, MI

Rapid Roofing offers the best service for roof replacement in Ann Arbor⁣, Michigan. That might be great news to homeowners who need to deal with their roof before another brutal winter.

We can help you address all those leaks and missing shingles once and for all. Installing a new roof is also a fantastic way to improve your home’s depleting energy efficiency.

Greatest Advantages to Roof Replacement

  1. It’s a sure-fire way to boost home value.
  2. A replacement roof will allow you to save money on energy efficiency thanks to sturdier, modern materials.
  3. You can enjoy a crisp, professional finish, which adds lots of curb appeal.
  4. It will allow you to regain peace of mind with enhanced safety and security.
  5. You might even save money on your home insurance since many providers will discount premium rates by up to 20% for a new roof.
  6. When you hire a reputable contractor for the installation, you’ll enjoy solid service warranty coverage. In other words, if we make a mistake on something, we’ll send someone over to fix it.
  7. There are also lucrative manufacturer warranties that will cover you for the roofing materials themselves.
  8. New roofs are easier to maintain, and properly installed materials can last multiple decades.
  9. Installing a new roof gives you greater options for including newer features like skylights, chimneys, and various ventilation fixtures.

These are just a few of the top advantages of purchasing a new roof. As you research different opportunities, we’re sure you’ll notice others.

How Long Does Roof Replacement in Ann Arbor Take to Finish?

One of the other advantages to roof replacement is that it doesn’t take too long to finish the project. There are plenty of home renovation tasks, like kitchen remodeling, that could last for months. Roof work, barring a few potential bottlenecks, rarely takes longer than a day or two.

Consequences of Delaying Roof Repairs too Long

We covered the positive reasons to consider a roof replacement. Alas, there are some negative consequences that might arise if you wait too long to address an outdated roof.

  • As time passes, those leaks only get worse. Plus, when the leaks get bigger, so does your exposure to mold/algae, a dripping ceiling, and lots of other problems.
  • The insurance company could charge higher premiums. That’s what often happens if you neglect to repair or replace your roof in a timely manner.
  • You increase the chance of injury or other property damage. Believe it or not, we occasionally hear stories of people getting hit by shingles falling off the roof.
  • Your house may look horrible. You don’t want to have the reputation of that house with all the missing shingles or dilapidated roof.
  • The energy bill will skyrocket. When your roof has holes and leaks, or the shingles just get thinner, then higher energy bills are right around the corner.

Call Rapid Roofing to Schedule Roof Replacement in Ann Arbor, MI

We hope you’ll avoid all those roofing pitfalls and hire us to replace your outdated roof. Rapid Roofing serves homeowners in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Canton, and several adjacent communities. We’re the best contractor in town because our guys arrive on time, do the job efficiently without cutting corners, and our work comes with plenty of warranty coverage.

You can verify our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction by reading over our positive testimonials on Google Reviews or with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Also, if you’re after GAF brand shingles, we’re the ones to call because Rapid Roofing has earned the Master Elite status for installing their fantastic products.

So, contact us soon to schedule an inspection and roof replacement in Ann Arbor⁣.

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