Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Roof Replacement

Some homeowners think a roof installation is a project they can just breeze through. That’s where the problem starts.

Roof installation involves a lot of decision-making – from choosing the material for your new roof to finding the right contractor who’ll get the job done. When the time comes that you need a new roof, you have to be prepared. 

Here are a few pointers from our local roofers, Rapid Roofing:

1. Do You Need to Replace It?

A new roof sounds exciting, but do you really need to replace your old one? Some homeowners jump at the chance to replace their roof simply because they want their home to look nicer. Evaluate your options based on the size and age of your roof. If you have a large roof, small repairs may be a better option until you reach the price point that calls for a roof replacement. On the other hand, having a very old roof can be a good enough reason to install a new one.

2. What Type of Roof Do You Need?

Aesthetic is not the only factor to consider when choosing a new roof; the cost, quality and expected life span are also important. For example, asphalt shingles make a good option if affordability is your priority, but these have the shortest life span among roofing materials. If you’re thinking long-term, most local roofing companies recommend metal.

3. Who Will Handle the Work?

Roof installation is a type of project that you can’t DIY unless you have construction experience and the right set of tools for the job. It’s best to hire a contractor to do it for you. Do a bit of homework, call around, and get quotes from your local roofers.

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