4 Signs That You Are Not Working With a Local Roofer

When you’re choosing from a pool of roofers to work with on your next project, it’s important that you stick with local companies. While this may seem simple, the fact that fly-by-night storm chasers can pass off as a reputable local company complicates things a little bit.

4 Signs That You Are Not Working With a Local Roofer

In this post, our roofing experts at Rapid Roofing list four signs that you may be working with a fly-by-night company or storm chaser.

1. No Local References

These fly-by-night roofers can claim that they are from around your community, but they can’t back up their claim. These storm chasers don’t have any local references. If you’re not sure if the roofer you’re planning to work with is local, ask around the neighborhood to see if others know their company.

2. No License

These fly-by-night storm chasers don’t have an updated license. Even if they do, it’s registered elsewhere. This is a clear sign that they are operating out of bounds and aren’t completely honest with you. Local roofing companies like us have our operating license registered here in Michigan, so always ask your prospective roofer if and where their roofing licensed is registered.

3. Questionable Tactics

Storm chasers also do questionable selling tactics so that you end up working with them. They are often very aggressive in selling their services, but they also are often conveniently vague when it comes to explaining what problems your roof is actually experiencing. 

The solutions they offer aren’t explained outright, and they instill a sense of urgency in your project. While it’s true that most roofing problems need to be done ASAP, your prospective roofer must be able to explain to you in-depth why you need to address your roof with haste. 

4. Shoddy Work

Finally, these roofers are only working with you to take advantage of your insurance company. As such, they don’t have any incentives to do a good job on your roof. Their poor workmanship often results in a roof that only last between 5 to 7 years, which translates to more long-term costs for you.

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