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Since 2000, Rapid Roofing has been meeting the needs of home and property owners who are looking for professional siding installation service in Canton, MI. Does your home have siding damage due to weather, insects, wear and tear, or a fire? Worry no more because our skilled siding installer can assist you with your concern, we have the expertise and talent you’re looking for in a local siding contractor. Through our excellent siding services and high-quality products, we assist local homeowners in keeping their properties attractive, insulated and intact. Let our trustworthy company help you choose the right style and color of siding to spruce up and protect your home.

Siding Installation in Ann Arbor MI

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We may have competitors that boast how large they are on a national basis, but they can’t provide the personalized customer service we do. Let’s face it, when you’re one of the thousands of customers, you become just a number, but at our company, you’ll always be at the top of our list. We take pride in providing full warranties on labor and materials, as well as guarantees, affordable financing on site, $0 down in some cases, and low payment plans.

Every year we poll our customers on a variety of areas so we can measure our performance. Once again, they’ve voted us #1 in performance, quality and customer service. When you choose Rapid Roofing, you’re choosing over 30 years of experience, up to date licenses and certifications, 100% liability insurance, and a team of siding specialists that know every part of the business.

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