Seamless Gutters: How They Prevent Gradual Roof Rot

When replacing your gutters, you have two styles to choose from: sectional and seamless. Sectional gutters are the most common. Despite this, seamless gutters are now the superior choice for water management as they protect your roof from the one thing sectional gutters can’t – gradual roof rot.

Seamless Gutters: How They Prevent Gradual Roof Rot

Our seamless gutter installation experts at Rapid Roofing discuss this in this post.

Seamless Construction Means Fewer Leaks

The main advantage seamless gutters have over their sectional counterparts is that they are virtually leak-free. Sectional gutters come in different parts that are attached through seams. These gradually pull apart from each other as time goes by, which means water will eventually leak through the gutters and into the roof’s fascia and soffit.

Because seamless gutters are made as one unit, there are no seams or gaps where leaks can form. This prevents leaks from happening even as the unit ages, essentially keeping the roof free from rot damage.

Clog-Free Gutters

Gutter leaks usually manifest as a result of clogs and blockages. When debris and leaf litter enter your gutters, they can accumulate over time, blocking the passage where the water would naturally flow. This is a common problem for sectional gutters since irregularities form between each section as they age.
Seamless gutters don’t encounter this problem as they come as one section. Even if leaf litter and debris manage to find its way into the gutters, the seamless construction ensures that the water will carry these out of the gutters without issue. 

Easy to Install

Another problem with sectional gutters is how tricky they are to install. You need to assemble them part by part, and the fact that they aren’t custom-built for your home’s exact measurements means you’re risk weakening the roof edge during installation.

The seamless gutters we install at Rapid Roofing are custom-built according to your roof’s measurements. This makes them easy to install, which means more time protecting your home and less damage to the roof edge.

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