Don’t Let a Storm Chaser Scam You on Roof Repairs

Many homeowners fall victim to storm chasers. Known as roofing gypsies, these roofers go from one place to another by following the path of storms and offering their services for homes that suffered plenty of damage in the wake of a disaster.

It’s only natural to seek immediate repairs for a damaged roof, but this doesn’t mean hiring the next contractor who knocks on your door. This will only make you a prey for storm chasers.

Our roofing company, Rapid Roofing, explains how storm chasers scam unsuspecting homeowners:

Losing Your Control to Make Decisions 

One of the ways storm chasers trick homeowners is by having them sign a contract that hands over all the decision-making to the contractor – this may include negotiating with the insurance company and choosing the materials to use for the roof.

Tricking You on Costs

If there’s one thing that storm chasers are good at, it’s knowing how insurance companies work. They use this knowledge to trick homeowners on the costs of putting up a new roof. For instance, they determine the amount of replacing your roof based on the square footage. Legitimate roofers always remind homeowners to double check their contractors before paying for residential roof service.

Doing the Bare Minimum 

Storm chasers will claim to repair your roof completely, but will only do the bare minimum of the work. Worse, the repairs won’t address any other problems of your roof, leaving you with poor construction and more problems.

Leaving Before Warranty Issues Arise

Once storm chasers are finished with their job, they immediately leave the area. This makes it difficult to get warranty repairs as you don’t even know where they’re based or how to contact them. They may even give you false information so you can’t call them when they’re gone.

Don’t let storm chasers trick you into getting poor-quality roof repairs. Always work with a legitimate contractor for residential or commercial roofing services like Rapid Roofing. Our team is more than happy to handle your projects. We have worked with many homeowners in Canton, MI, and surrounding areas.