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Review: Roofing Service
We had an AWESOME experience with Rapid Roofing. From the quote process to the billing process, it went flawlessly. The work was done in less than a day – We left for work and came back home to a finished new roof. They completely cleaned up any mess. We highly recommend working with this company. 


Brian P.
“I got a quality job and it was completed in a timely manner, my roof was completed torn off and re-installed in 2-days. The on-site supervisor was very helpful in making sure the work area was kept as clean as possible.”


Stephen Lees
“I had so many problems with other companies. I felt so done until I contacted Rapid Roofing. I’m so happy I did so. Paul was very helpful. He came out and did a very through estimate. He also answered any and all questions I had. Their customer service was impeccable. My roof was replaced and the results are great.”


Kathy F.
“I think they did a great job with service, installation, and follow up. I wanted to wait until I went through one winter to ensure that the shingles stayed on well and they sure did! We had a rough winter in Michigan and you wouldn’t know it by looking at my roof! Great job!!”

Roofing In Bloomfield Hills

Homes and businesses in Bloomfield Hills are subjected to some considerably diverse weather. We get heavy rains, as well as seasonal storms, hail, high winds, searing sun in the summer, and some significant snowfall and ice accumulation in the winter. Your roof keeps all of those elements from penetrating the physical structure and creating extensive damage behind the scenes. An easy way to prevent this is to get a yearly roof inspection, and while that can sound intimidating to lots of people, using a trusted local professional can make sure you have an honest evaluation of your roof’s health.

Bloomfield Hills Roofing Services

Rapid Roofing has been serving the Bloomfield Hills area for more than 20 years. We’re a family-owned roofing company that takes pride in helping local residents and business owners create roofing solutions that fit their needs and their budgets. The owners, Bill & Mike Beaty, learned the value of hard work from their father, and they carry that ethic into all of the roofing projects their company touches.

Not only will we help you find the right roofing material for your project, but we will make sure that the job fits into your schedule where it’s most convenient for you, and once we start, we’re usually done and out of your way in a day. As Michigan natives, we have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we’ve held the Super Service Award from Angie’s list for more than a decade, so you can trust that we’ll stand behind our work.

Bloomfield Hills Residential Roofing

Your home is a significant investment, reflected not only in the financial value it holds but in the fact that you and your family reside there. It’s your home; you want it to be as safe and structurally sound as possible, both of which can be quickly threatened if your roof suffers from a small leak. 

This is the primary reason why it’s so important to have your roof inspected. Many people have their roof inspected as part of the home-buying process, but once that’s completed, they never give it another thought. This means that only a year or two later, or after a few strong storms roll through, there could be damage that allows water to penetrate the protective barrier created by your roof. If this moisture penetration isn’t addressed quickly, it can progress to the point that it poses a serious risk to the habitability of your home.

What may start out as a small drip that seems inconsequential at the time can turn into a dangerous amount of moisture over the following months. Once water is between the walls, it may only be a few weeks before you start to see discoloration in the drywall or plaster of your ceilings and walls. Before you know it, you could have soggy drywall falling off of the studs and potentially dangerous mold gaining a foothold in the heart of your home.

Bloomfield Hills Commercial Roofing

For business owners in the Bloomfield Hills community or nearby areas, roofing maintenance and repairs are just as essential as for residences. The difference, however, is that commercial roofing is much different than residential roofing and requires roofers that are specifically skilled in repairing and maintaining low-slope or flat commercial roofs. Getting a qualified commercial roofer like Rapid Roofing to handle the roofing on your business can mean protecting your business from expensive repairs and even potential legal liabilities. 

Commercial roofing is more likely to have standing water and significant water infiltration if not maintained properly, and leaks can be especially detrimental to business operations if left unchecked. In most commercial buildings, not only are the major HVAC and air-handling components located on the roof, with ducting in the ceiling, but that’s also where many companies also route important electrical and data transmission equipment. 

Leaks can cause incredible amounts of damage to these components and may even reach the customer floor. If those leaks go undetected, they can create a dangerous situation for customers. With slip and fall claims being one of the most common insurance claims filed against commercial entities, a tiny drip that goes unaddressed may just open up your business to significant legal liability.

Roofing Experts in Bloomfield Hills

Think about the last time you had a professional inspect your roof and what the result was. If you can’t remember, the chances are good that it’s time to have a local roofing expert come out to give you a full assessment of your roof’s health. Not only will they give you a full evaluation of the roof, but they’ll also inspect any adjoining attic or crawlspace to ensure that you are aware of any existing leaks or water infiltration issues. Reach out today to your trusted, local roofing professionals to schedule your inspection or to get answers to any other questions you may have.

One quick phone call…

…is all it takes to reach an expert who knows all about flat and metal roofing, siding installation, roof replacements, interior and exterior inspections and more. Whether you need residential or commercial services, it makes no difference. We put you first at Rapid Roofing. Every year our customers rate us the best at what we do, and every year we strive to do better. Fill out our Contact Form or call us at (734) 359-6160 today to get started.


We also offer Bloomfield Hills commercial roofing services for business owners in Southeast Michigan.


Residential Roofing
Roof replacement, new roof installation, roof ventilation systems, insulation systems, full warranty.

Commercial Roofing
Flat roof, metal roof, tile roof, asphalt roof, energy-efficient roof. We have professionals that know how to do the job properly.

Multi-Family Residential Roofing
From small condominiums to large apartment buildings, our industry-leading approach brings a long-lasting solution to roofing multi-family housing units.

Storm Damage
We address storm damage — water, wind, hail and more. We handle Insurance Claims or offer Financing Options.

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