Hail Damage Roof Replacement

From Certified Contractors in Canton, Michigan

Any type of hail can damage a roofing system. The largest hailstones do the worst damage to single-layer roofing systems, while smaller hailstones tend to do more damage to multiple layers of shingles. The type and extent of the damage depend on many different factors as well, including the severity of the storm, roofing materials used and the age of the roof.

At Rapid Roofing, in Canton, Michigan, we have seen nearly everything, In over 30 years of service, we have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners get quality roof replacement and roof repair after experiencing hail damage. When hail strikes, we can help.

What Roof Hail Damage Looks Like

Roof hail damage doesn’t usually occur in isolation. When roofs are damaged, so are other surfaces, like windows, skylights, chimneys and siding. It can be difficult to see hail damage on smooth surfaces. Sometimes running a piece of chalk sideways over the surface can highlight dents and dings.

For asphalt and composite shingles, hail damage looks like a pattern of irregular dark spots. These will feel softer than the rest of the roof, almost like bruised fruit. If you have wood shingles, look for irregular damage as well. Split shingles, dents and dings can all be evidence of hail damage.

Working With an Insurance Company After Hail Damage

As soon as it’s safe after a hailstorm, you’ll want to inspect your roof for damage, and then call a certified contractor to come help. When you call Rapid Roofing, we’ll try to be there as soon as possible so you’ll be on track to getting your roof fixed right away.

Your roofing contractor will examine the damage and show that it was directly connected to hail. Then, we will work with the insurance company to cover the cost of roofing repair. We’ll communicate clearly with you and be there every step of the way.

When it’s time to repair the roof, our roofers will work as quickly as possible. In fact, we can complete most jobs in just one day. We’ll repair the hail damage with quality work so that you gain peace of mind that your roof is back to new.

Why Rapid Roofing for Roof Replacement After Hail Damage?

fter a major hailstorm, homeowners and business owners are often contacted by fly-by-night companies offering quick roof repair. Don’t be fooled! These companies are often uncertified and untrustworthy. Instead, go with a certified and well-established local business – like us.

Why go with Rapid Roofing? There are many reasons:

  • We have done thousands of roof replacements through insurance companies
    for hail damage claims.
  • We’ll be with you throughout the entire process, from your first phone call
    through the successful installation of your roof – and even afterward.
  • Our certified contractors install roofs the right way. We don’t cut corners, and
    we follow the highest
    quality standards.


Choosing the Right Type of Flat Roofing Solution

Not sure how to choose the right type of flat roof? We can come to your home or business, talk through your options and give you a free estimate. You’ll learn a lot about the best possible solutions for flat roofs and low-slope roofs from an experienced and well-respected local roofer.

Free Estimate for Your Roof Repair After Hail Damage

When hail damage hurts your roof, Rapid Roofing is here to make sure your roof is repaired or replaced following the highest quality standards. To learn more about what we can do to restore your home or business to its former glory, contact Rapid Roofing at 734-359-6160. You can also reach us by filling out our online contact form.