Tips On Filing Insurance Claims for Storm-Damaged Roofs

Insurance payouts can help you rebuild your home. Your storm-ravaged roof, for example, may cost serious money if you have to pay for it yourself. Insurance can make it financially easier for you. By filing a proper claim, you can get your roof repaired free of charge. Roofing contractors make sure that the claim is done right. Here are some tips for making an insurance claim.

Tips On Filing Insurance Claims for Storm-Damaged Roofs

1. Check the Criteria

The requirements for insurance claims are what makes them so tricky. To make the most of your storm damage insurance claim, remember to check the policy. Always check on the type of coverage you have, such as wind or earthquake damage, before making a claim.

2. Inspect and Document

Once the storm is over, and it’s safe for you to go out, check your roof, and write down all of your observations. By listing what type of damage may have occurred, you have built a list for your insurance claim. 

Make sure that the damage you’ve listed is accurate. It helps the roofing contractors to know exactly what service is needed, be it repair or replacement. 

3. Mitigate What You Can

Sometimes storm damage repairs can take a while. If you must wait for them, you should be ready to do makeshift repairs yourself. If there are leaks or tears in the roof, see if you can temporarily cover them up. However, don’t attempt this if there is a risk of being harmed. In that instance, you are better off waiting for professionals to arrive.

4. Call the Right Professionals

It takes the right professional to properly do the job. Our contractors have spent years doing residential roof installation, repair and replacement jobs, for example. Don’t let storms ruin your chances of getting quality roof repairs. Our team is ready to help you with your projects. 

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