Hottest Roof Color Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Choosing your replacement roof’s color may not be easy, but it shouldn’t be. Unlike architectural accents, you can’t get new roofing shingles or repaint metal panels every few years just because they begin looking tired too soon. You can’t be shortsighted because your decision can affect your house’s curb appeal and value for a long time.

Hottest Roof Color Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

As one of the most respected local roofing companies, Rapid Roofing talks about the color trends you should use as your guide:

Cavern Clay

Get inspired by the Southwest. More Michiganian house exteriors should feature this warm hue to stand out without breaking the rules. Cavern Clay’s bohemian flair is both playful and simplistic, and can make any roof seem familiar yet fresh.

Forest Green

This rich, serene shade of green arrests the eye and calms the beholder’s nerves. As a nature-inspired color, forest green’s desirability may be on the rise, but design-savvy roofers attest that its charm won’t fade even when the hype dies down. 

Aged Bronze

Rapid Roofing recommends this remarkable hue to lend a “rusted” appearance to your roof. Aged bronze has yellow, orange and red undertones, but its predominantly brownish complexion gives it quaint appeal. Despite belonging to the past, bronze’s prestige has outlived its popularity. 


Copper is poised to undergo a renaissance as more homeowners gravitate toward natural materials. Its weather resistant, and its graceful aging process is the secret to its allure. It starts out reddish-brown, but copper turns soft green through patination as it weathers.

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