Roof Replacement: Leave the Old Roof on or Tear It Off?

When you look at your roof, you might be wondering how to replace it. While getting the right materials and contractors matters, you should also consider the old layer. Some homeowners prefer to leave the layer on for extra protection. Others prefer to tear the entire thing off before adding the new roof. Find out what the difference is from your leading experts in residential roofing services.

Roof Replacement: Leave the Old Roof on or Tear It Off?

Tearing Off

A common practice among homeowners is tearing off. It gets rid of the old roof to make space for the new one. The reason homeowners prefer this is to give the home a fresh start. The contractor can make a more thorough inspection of the structure as well. Some houses are simply not equipped to handle the additional weight. In some states, homeowners simply have no choice but to get rid of the old roof, as it is illegal to install a new one over it.

By making a full residential roof replacement, you add more years to the structure. You also get a new roof in peak condition. However, it also takes longer to install and costs more to have the old roof removed.

Leaving the Old Layer

Other homeowners prefer to add a new layer over the older one. The old layer acts as a secondary barrier. This means you get additional protection and at a more affordable rate. This can help your roof withstand strong weather.

However, it makes additions like vents and skylights trickier to install. It also becomes harder to inspect both layers.

How to Choose

When you look at both methods, either can work well under the right circumstances. The best way to choose is by checking the damage. If your roof is still in good condition, an additional layer can help you withstand upcoming weather. If the roof is already damaged by water or weight, it’s time to get a replacement.

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