Commercial Roof Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Although commercial roofing systems are typically more durable than their residential counterparts, their ability to protect your property depends on how well it’s installed. In this post, Rapid Roofing shares commercial roof installation mistakes to avoid to ensure a hassle-free project.

Commercial Roof Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Forgetting the Ventilation

Ventilation is how the roof breathes, and this is a requirement even for flat roofs. It’s vital that your contractor test the moisture levels in your property. You should also look at the history of your old roof in relation to moisture damage so you know how much ventilation your new one needs. Poor ventilation can ruin even the most durable of roofs.

Reusing Old Flashings

It’s tempting to reuse old roof flashings on your next commercial roof installation project. While these may appear reusable, the damage they’ve sustained previously will affect how they protect your new roof from water intrusion. Always replace your flashings; you don’t want your new roof to start leaking as soon as the first rain comes.

Misplaced Nails

Exposed nails may cause water to eventually seep underneath and damage your new roof. Additionally, loose nails are unable to secure the roof underneath. This makes it weaker against strong winds and rain. Make sure the nail heads are always flush to the roofing material wherever they are used.

DIY Installation

Commercial properties are trickier to install a new roof on, which is why we always recommend working with an experienced roofer. Even the smallest mistakes can become costly, and you don’t want to risk your equipment or inventory.

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