How Do You Prevent Landscape Damage During Roof Replacement Construction?

Many homeowners want to make sure they don’t incur any damage to their trees, bushes, flowers, and outdoor decor during a roof replacement. This is totally understandable and a huge concern of ours as well whenever we begin working on your roof.

Let’s look at some ways to prevent landscape damage when undergoing roof construction.

Roof Replacement & Landscape Hazards

Roof replacement is generally a quick job for our team because we have great crews with many years of experience. However, sometimes we have to slow things down to account for landscape hazards. When given the choice between work efficiency and risking damaging your lawn or garden, we prefer to stay on the safe side and take our time.

How do we protect against damage? We always safeguard things as much as possible by taking these precautionary measures.

  • We hang a tarp to cover everything around your home. This would cover plants, bushes, gardens, and so forth.
  • All excess materials go into a dumpster trailer or some other receptacle. We never leave random shingles floating around the yard.
  • We also use magnets to collect any loose nails that fall onto your yard.
  • Our crews perform a detailed cleanup operation at the end of every project. You have every reason to expect us to leave your property (not just the roof) as nicely as we found it.

Getting Clear Access to the Roof Is Important

We do, unfortunately, encounter some trouble with regards to landscaping and lack of access to the roof. In other words, if it becomes hard to get to certain sections of your roof because there is foliage in the way, it may take us longer to complete the job. Alas, when that happens, it results in further labor costs.

Part of our pre-planning process for roof work involves working with you to figure out the easiest possible ways to get to every area of the roof. We can always figure out ways to get the job done, but this can be more complicated if a home has especially complex architecture.

What Else Needs Replacing?

While on the subject of replacing your roof, we’d be remiss not to mention the other peripheral maintenance tasks. Gutter repairs and replacements are other big items for us. These are the telltale signs that you might need to replace, repair, or at least clean your gutters.

  • Loose nails or gutter sagging/hanging in the wrong direction.
  • Overgrowth of pests, vegetation, or random debris.
  • The fascia shows signs of sun/water damage.
  • The gutters have lots of cracks and water leaking in several spots.

Be careful because it’s possible for these issues to spill over into bigger problems like a flooded basement, wood rot on your window sills, or damaged siding.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that gutters, soffits, vents, and other fixtures vary in design quality. That means that you may have to scrap one kind of gutter, whereas a better material might just require cleaning. We’re always happy to inspect your home and offer our assessment.

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