Create the Modern Farmhouse Style With the Right Siding

The traditional farmhouse style remains a favorite of many after hundreds of years because of its simplicity. Originated by the farmers themselves, it’s designed out of necessity to meet their family needs. While it’s utilitarian, it also exudes a classic yet fresh esthetic.

This timeless architectural style rises to the demands of modern living, which is why it’s not surprising that it continues to be a top pick for many homeowners. One way to give it a modern makeover is to pick the right siding. Rapid Roofing, your top siding installation service provider, explains how.

Stick to Monochromatic

composite siding because it can mimic the authentic texture of wood.

Lap or Board and Batten

Clad your exterior with a crisp lap or board and batten siding. When combined with bold black windows and reclaimed wood accent beams, it can add a striking appeal that will definitely grab anyone’s attention. You can also dress up your exterior with vintage decor and plenty of greenery.

Invest In a High-Performance Siding

Make sure the beauty of your home lasts long without the constant maintenance. Apart from composite, we also recommend vinyl siding because it’s resistant to rot, moisture and corrosion. You only need to clean it with water and mild soap to restore its pristine looks. You don’t have to worry about scraping, painting or staining year after year.

Achieve a unique mix of old and new for your American Farmhouse by turning to Rapid Roofing. Contact us at (734) 234-5900 for more information. We serve Canton, MI, and nearby areas.