Tips on Increasing Your House's Charm With Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can illuminate your home even on the darkest nights. 

As a trusted provider of residential roof replacement and many other house exterior services, Rapid Roofing shares outdoor lighting tips you should consider:

Turn Trees Into Glowing Accents

Make your trees the focal point of your landscaping at night with illumination. No matter where the lights are set, the beams can create stunning shadows and highlight fascinating features.

Add Drama to Siding With Uplights

Uplighting never fails to impress because most people expect the light to come from above. When used strategically and moderately, uplights can underscore the color and texture of your siding panels in the dark.

Light Up the Entryway

Experts in siding and residential roofing services, including Rapid Roofing, recommend entryway lighting to combine beauty and safety. If you don’t want to create a “runway” look, though, avoid placing too many bollards or step lights along the pathway.

Illuminate and Diversify

Don’t settle for just one type of lighting fixture. For instance, mixing uplights with candle lanterns can create a whimsical environment without looking boring.

Don’t Create a Light Show

Wait until the holidays before turning your home exterior into a light show. Choose warm, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) over brilliant colored lights. Amber-ish LEDs can make your home more inviting to casual observers.

Use a Timer

Using an outdoor light timer can save you a ton on energy. If you set it accordingly, it can bring your house to life after sunset.

Before you invest in dramatic outdoor lighting, put good money into your house exterior first. Call Rapid Roofing at (734) 234-5900, or fill out our contact form to discuss your roofing or siding project. We serve clients in Ann Arbor, MI, and nearby areas.