What Is the Rapid Roofing Difference?

When it comes to commercial roof replacement, Rapid Roofing delivers more than excellent workmanship. Our company places a premium on peace of mind and affordability.

Here’s what the “Rapid Roofing Difference” really means:
Full Labor and Material Warranties
As a certified roofing and siding installation service provider, we stand behind what we do. Our advanced credentials give you access to the strongest product warranties because the industry’s top roofing brands trust us to do sterling work.
In other words, you are assured of getting maximum protection against material and manufacturing defects. A powerful warranty may also cover some services that you will usually have to pay for otherwise.
Wide-Ranging Financing Options
We understand that a metal roof or vinyl siding installation project can be a costly proposition. But it shouldn’t break the bank.
At Rapid Roofing, we extend credit to different borrowers through EnerBank® USA. We’ll loan you the money you need to fund your roofing project to keep you from having any cash-flow problems. Whatever your position or credit score, we’ll be instrumental in facilitating your loan request.
Low-Payment Schemes
Our financial plans can come with low payments. You can get a term of more than 60 months to enjoy small, manageable installments. Our loan programs give you flexibility to buy a new roof while running your business.
In addition to reasonable payment arrangements, we may remove any down payment requirement. That means you don’t have to pay a single dollar out of your pocket up front. You can get a new roof or composite siding system now and worry about the payment later.
Experience the Rapid roofing Difference, and replace your commercial roof the stress-free way. Call us at (734) 234-5900, or fill out our contact form to get your FREE estimate. We serve clients in Canton, MI, and neighboring communities.