What Is the Purpose of Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

Bathroom exhaust fans are a crucial source of ventilation in your home. Since you’re talking about an area with lots of water in a confined space, it’s important to have an exhaust fan to offset the various problems that could arise.

As a roofing company, the ventilation requirements for homes and other buildings are an important variable for us. It comes into play when we carry out construction and renovation projects.

Here’s what you should know about bathroom exhaust systems.

Basics of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are actually designed to extract air and moisture from your bathroom after a shower. On the one hand, it might seem like you turn it on to blow around dry air. However, its purpose is to exhaust moist air back through the air vents and out through the roof.

The fan doesn’t exist just to knock off some of the steam and fog after a shower (though it does accomplish that). Removing some of the moisture is an important task because it reduces the chance of mold and bacterial growth. Whenever you DON’T use your exhaust fan, you give the nasty shower mildew a chance to proliferate much quicker.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans Safeguard Air Quality & Protect Your Home

What happens if you never use an exhaust fan in your bathroom? You can expect to incur the following difficulties and hazards.

  • Your bathroom paint and wallpaper will start to peel.
  • Persistent moisture can lead to wood rot on any wooden fixtures or infrastructure.
  • You could get mold and mildew in your shower, tub, walls, doors, and around your home.
  • Mold is responsible for a wide array of health issues, especially respiratory kinds.
  • You lose the opportunity to dehumidify the area quickly, which will likely impact the rest of your home.
  • You won’t have a way to mitigate foul odors.

Of course, it’s important for new home builders to make sure they have the right size fan for the bathrooms in their homes. Vent fan capacity is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). That tells you how much air it can move in a given area. Check with local building codes for the proper CFM levels.

Like anything else, make sure you and your contract builder keep an eye on these things if you’re adding a bathroom or building a new home.

Other Ventilation & Insulation Concerns

While we’re on the topic of ventilation and insulation, we may as well address some other pain points. The very roof itself plays a huge role, as do the windows and siding.

If you’re living with windows that are decades old and hard to open, then chances are they’ve lost their seal and no longer insulate your home. The same can be said of a leaky roof or wood-rotten siding. It’s impossible to stop cold/hot air from entering your house when these things are no longer durable.

We recommend a few suggestions for any homeowner who wishes to lower their utility bill, limit mold/algae exposure, and beautify their home:

  • Consider getting replacement windows.
  • Consider new siding options.
  • Replace your roof with reliable shingles like the ones from GAF.

These are your best strategies for improving insulation and ventilation and don’t forget that we’re happy to help with installation at any time.

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