Top 4 Drainage Solutions for Commercial Roofs

Proper drainage is key to commercial roof longevity. However, some roofing system designs are susceptible to pooling water, which is often the source of leaks.

Fortunately, many drains exist to suit the unique specifications of different commercial roofing systems. Rapid Roofing talks about the four most common drainage solutions below.

  1. Gutters

Gutters are a staple of residential houses, but these open pipes are also used in commercial properties. Gutter systems, however, are only applicable to roofs with pitches of no less than 12.5 degrees.

Gutters are placed on the lowest end of the roof to catch the flowing water and drain it using gravity. They’re simple in design and less costly to install.

The biggest concern with a gutter system, though, is maintenance. Debris can get into gutters and downspouts, and create clogs, which must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent unscheduled commercial roof repair jobs.

  1. Scuppers

Rapid Roofing considers scuppers an excellent drainage solution for flat roofs with enclosures like parapets. These open holes are cut into roof edges that have the lowest slopes. These channels may be connected to pipes that direct the stream of water on or away from the building exterior.

  1. Inner Roof Drains

Like scuppers, inner roof drains direct water flowing toward the roof’s lowest section, except that they’re linked to concealed pipes that go below ground.

The beauty of having an inner roof drainage system is that it stays out of view and remains out of reach of the elements. Although it’s impervious to freezing conditions, this type of drain needs careful maintenance.

  1. Siphonic Roof Drainage System

This drainage solution relies on siphoning force, not gravity. It’s more efficient than most other systems while keeping the number of drains to a minimum.

A siphonic drainage system can increase the cost of your commercial roof installation significantly, but it eliminates demanding maintenance.

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