How Does Basement Waterproofing Work?

A waterproofed basement may not sound feasible, but this below-ground room can be free of moisture all year round if necessary measures are taken. Whether you want to finish your basement or not, preventing water seepage matters for structural and health reasons. Here are the steps required to waterproof this area.

Commence Excavation

First, trenches must be dug from the perimeter of the room to the base of the foundation. These ditches will provide room for the drainage system.

Search for Cracks

After digging around, it’s imperative to seal all existing holes in the exterior walls. These gaps serve as entry points for the water to get into the basement.

Just like an emergency roof repair, a crack search requires a trained eye. Some fractures aren’t that apparent, so you need professionals to spot every single red flag and apply hydraulic cement flawlessly.

Seal and Cover

A coat of cement-based sealant must be applied to the exterior walls. This sealer is suitable for masonry and concrete surfaces. The use of this sealant is necessary to cover all hairline cracks the previous step didn’t fix.

Afterwards, a heavy coat of a waterproofing membrane needs to be installed to protect the foundation from moisture coming from external sources. Rapid Roofing attests that elastomeric products are popular in this application because they’re flexible enough to accommodate new breaks in the exterior walls.

Use Drainage Mats

Covering the waterproofing membranes with drainage mats that have molded dimples is necessary to help moisture to reach the drains. Each mat should match the exact depth of the foundation.

Install French Drains

Like gutters and downspouts, French drains direct water away from the house. The embedded pipes of these gravel-lined ditches must have cleanouts for easy maintenance.

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