Installing Skylights: Tips to Keep in Mind

A skylight is a great addition to any home. Apart from being a decorative piece for your roof, it’s also a more private kind of window for parts of your home where it’s impractical or impossible to install an actual window.

Installing Skylights: Tips to Keep in Mind

Skylight installation may seem easy and straightforward, but there are things you should be aware of if you want to get the most out of your new addition. Rapid Roofing shares some tips to keep in mind.

Check Where the Sun Is

Before anything else, you‘ll want to determine where the sun rises in relation to your house. This helps you avoid the mistake of not properly positioning the skylights, which will result in inefficient lighting. This is actually easy to do since you just need to check where the sun hits on the surface of the roof.

Determine the Slope

The slope of the roof is an important detail to keep in mind since you’ll be using flashing to reinforce the skylight. Some flashing is more appropriate for certain heights and pitches, so be mindful of these little details. Otherwise, you will end up with a skylight that will either be too loose or more susceptible to water damage.

Don’t Skimp on the Materials

As with roof replacement, you want the best quality materials for your new skylight. Avoid basing your choice on upfront price, and instead look at the long-term value you’ll get out of it. Be mindful of add-ons as well. 

Additional shading and coatings may seem pricey, but they add utility and protection for your new skylights, which will benefit your entire home, particularly in the energy efficiency department.

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