How the Gutters Protect Your Landscape

The gutters are one of the more forgettable parts of the roof despite the large role they play in protecting your entire home. While it’s common knowledge that the gutters prevent leaks on the roof, they also actively protect your landscape.

How the Gutters Protect Your Landscape

In this post, Rapid Roofing discusses how and why it’s important to keep the gutters clean and in good condition.

Gutters and the Landscape

When the gutters are working as they should be, they will channel rainwater coming from the roof into specific areas of your landscape where they won’t cause damage. They usually end up in bare patches of the yard or directly into a sewer grate. 

When the gutters are clogged or not installed properly, the water can spill onto your perfectly trimmed lawn and manicured flower beds, or damage the porch and patio in your extended living space. The water can loosen the soil and even cause direct damage to the foundation when it pools near it.

Why Seamless Gutters Are Better

Seamless gutters are rising in popularity due to the increasing demands on the gutters. Unlike their sectional counterparts, these are made as one unit instead of different sections. Seamless gutter installation thus eliminates the risk of gutter leaks that occur as the structure gets older, which in turn prevents landscape and foundation damage.

Seamless gutters are also more attractive as they are often made to fit and appear flush to the rest of the roof edge. These are usually made of aluminum or PVC, and typically match or boast a complimentary color to the roof.

The Bottom Line

The gutters are the most underappreciated part of the roof, and it’s really one of the first structures you should have looked at when there’s an issue with your roof. At Rapid Roofing, you can count on us to help you keep your gutters in good condition throughout the year. We also provide emergency roof repair.

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