Water Leaking in Basements: From Where Does It Come?

The basement can be prone to flooding. Given its below-grade location, it becomes a magnet for unwanted water. Obvious and subtle signs like efflorescence, mold, and water stains indicate the presence of a leak in this part of the home. Homeowners, however, are not aware of where water is coming from in the first place.

Groundwater is the primary culprit as to why basements tend to get flooded. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when an area experiences heavy rain or melting snow. As water gets absorbed, the soil gets saturated to the point that it rises under the home’s foundation. Water, taking a path of least resistance, makes its way toward the basement.

Lateral Pressure

The soil that surrounds the foundation isn’t as compact as it was before your home was built. It tends to expand when water is absorbed, causing lateral pressure. Apart from basement leaks, the foundation may also get compromised because of it, resulting in home exterior damage. Foundation repairs may be necessary once damage becomes apparent.

Watch Out for Leaks

Water seeps into a basement in many forms. These include floor and wall cracks, mortar joints and window wells. With any of these, you need to call a reputable contractor like Rapid Roofing to help you deal with this serious issue. Our team of experts will evaluate your basement and provide you with a solution.

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