4 Common Roof Replacement Mistakes You Should Avoid

Quality installation is a critical aspect of a residential roof replacement project; no matter how good the quality of the materials, the roof will fail sooner rather than later if not installed properly. The following are some of the most common roof replacement mistakes you can avoid by hiring the right roofer.

4 Common Roof Replacement Mistakes You Should Avoid

  1. Neglecting the Permits – The contractor is responsible for the permits and other related paperwork. So, if the permits are not applied for, it could stall the roof replacement and even incur penalties. A professional and experienced roofing contractor would never commit such a rookie mistake.

  1. Insisting on Installing the New Roof Over the Old One – Some homeowners choose to install a new roof over their existing one to save on teardown and disposal costs. However, this runs the risk of not addressing hidden conditions like moisture intrusion in the roof deck. This is why most roofers, including Rapid Roofing, recommend a clean installation so the roof will be in its best condition once the new roof is completed. 

  1. Improper Installation Procedures – Every roofing product has its own prescribed installation method. Asphalt shingles, for instance, require a specific nail pattern that has to be positioned correctly, or the shingle mats would be too loose and get torn off. Or, they would be so close to the previous layer that it damages the exposed shingles. We don’t have this kind of problem since we receive training and certification from the manufacturers that we represent. And thanks to our workmanship warranties, you can rest assured that correcting any installation error will not cost you anything.

  1. Not Adhering to Safety Practices – Installers take a big risk every time they climb onto the roof without proper safety equipment. This is why, in addition to the factory training, our installers have received safety training, from mandatory use of harnesses and safety wear to proper climbing and walking on steep surfaces. Also, our insurance coverage includes both liability insurance and workers’ compensation that protects you from liability in the event of accidental property damage or injury.

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