Minimizing Neighbor Conflict During an Exterior Home Renovation

A roof replacement, siding installation or any home exterior improvement project can sometimes be noisy, which may be inconvenient for the other people in your neighborhood. A small misstep could result in a conflict with them. Rather than go through such a headache in the midst of this stressful project, it would be better for you to minimize neighbor conflict right from the get-go.

Rapid Roofing, your local roofing company, shares the following ways you can keep your neighbors happy before and during the renovation.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Visit your nearest neighbors, and tell them of the project in advance. Inform them of its duration, particularly its projected end date. Leave them your contact information as well. That way, they can get in touch with you should any concerns come up regarding the renovation.

Ensure Peace and Quiet in the Neighborhood

Noisy work should not start early in the morning. You can’t afford to disturb your neighbors while they are sleeping. Talk with your contractor about finding a reasonable schedule that works for both you and your neighbors.

Consider a Contractor That Cleans Up After Every Work Day

Conflicts arise when neighbors see that the area around your home is a complete mess during the renovation. Be sure that your chosen contractor has the habit of cleaning the outside of the home after every work day. Tools and supplies must be kept neatly on the side of your home.

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