How GAF’s Products Can Protect Your Roof Deck

The roof deck is the foundation of your roofing system, and, without it, the entire roof can be compromised. Thankfully, there are numerous options for roof deck protection solutions. This is an extra layer of protection applied between your roofing shingles and deck. With this, your roofing system acquires additional water resistance.

To get the best roof deck protection for your home, you need not look further than GAF’s products.


The FeltBuster® roof deck protection is a non-asphaltic polypropylene roofing underlayment that can resist tearing and brittleness, and does not absorb any moisture. Compared to traditional asphalt felts, it has a special spunbond surface that gives better traction for your roof.


Tiger Paw™

This is a premium underlayment that is UV-stabilized like Deck-Armor. It can avoid rotting or brittleness like conventional felt, and it also has greater tear strength resistance compared to standard felt since it’s seven times stronger. The product also has excellent walkability so you don’t have to worry about damaging it if you have to walk on your roof.


Shingle-Mate® is a GAF roof deck protection product reinforced with fiberglass, making it lie flatter compared to ordinary felt. It also eliminates the need for a slit-bubbled felt and is the product of choice when it comes to preventing wind-driven rain from infiltrating your shingles.


Like Shingle-Mate, VersaShield® is also a fiberglass-reinforced product. However, instead of combating wind-driven rain, it increases the fire resistance of your roof with its UL Class A rating.

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