The Most Common Gutter Defects That Can Affect Your Home

The gutters on your home defends your roof from water damage that can cause mold or damage your home’s interior. That’s why it’s vital that you keep this system in top shape. There are ways to spot the signs of roofing and gutter damage. In this post, Rapid Roofing discusses the most common gutter defects that you can spot before they affects your home.

Clogged Gutters

This is probably the most common gutter defect. Clogged gutters occur when leaves and branches are blown into it. If left unattended, you may even see shrubs growing in your gutters. Since the gutters are clogged, the water backup can cause wall damage or rot, and roof damage. To correct this, clean your gutters regularly and after a bad storm.

Loose Gutters

To determine if you have loose gutters, try taking a look around your building for gutters that are falling off or loose gutter spikes. If there are problems, water from the roof may be missing your gutters and running down your walls or entering your soffits and eaves.

Overshooting Gutters

Your gutter’s location depends on your roof’s pitch. This is especially important during freezing climates to reduce the chance of snow and ice “pushing” your gutters off the building. The common causes of overshooting gutters are excessive roof shingle overhang, a roofing installation error that interferes with good gutter operation and roof valley overshoot, in which the gutters are too small in width for roof runoff.

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