Filing Your First Roofing Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm is always a difficult time, especially when you need to make a storm damage insurance claim. While most of the work is conducted by the roofing contractor and the insurance adjuster, knowing what to expect can help you manage stress and focus on making sure your family is safe and secure. The following are some of the things you should expect when filing a storm damage insurance claim.

Storm Damage Insurance Claim

First Priority: Call Both Insurance Provider and Contractor

The first thing you must do once the weather clears is to call your insurance provider and then your trusted roofing contractor. Your insurance provider will assign an adjuster, who may also be working on other cases in the same area; the earlier you are on the priority list, the better. You also need your roofing contractor there so they can accurately start documenting the damage; they will also provide the quotation for the cost of roofing repairs. The earlier you get both done, the sooner the repair work will begin.

Patience Is a Virtue

Time feels slow in such situations, but once you have assurance from your roofing contractor that they’re on the way, focus your energies on checking your home and making sure your family is safe. Don’t be tempted to hire “storm chasers” or those people who knock on doors offering unsolicited repair work; they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

You should also know that once your insurance provider approves your insurance claim, the payout is issued in two checks. The first covers the actual cash value (ACV) or the market value. The second check, issued after completion, covers the remaining amount based on the estimate provided by roofing contractors, minus deductibles. Don’t be tempted to save some of the money by cutting corners as you may end up with roof that’s not as strong as what you originally had.

Factors That Affect the Insurance Payout

Many factors can affect how much you will get from your insurance provider, such as materials, design and compliance with applicable building codes. Roofs that were properly maintained have better chances of a higher payout. If you’re planning on getting your roof replaced soon, choose the best roofing system your budget will allow.

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