The Importance of Storm Damage Insurance Assistance

With any home that has sustained damage from a storm, maximizing your storm damage insurance claim is imperative. In such situations, a capable roofing contractor can help make the process easier and give you more time to attend to your family’s safety and shelter.

Dealing With Storm Damage

You need to make two calls once the storm subsides: one to your insurance provider and another to your roofing contractor. It is likely that you have the same insurance provider as several homeowners in your area. The sooner you call your insurance provider, the sooner they can send an insurance adjuster to your home. In the meantime, a roofing contractor will be assessing and documenting the extent of the damage, and preparing a repair plan.

This is where capable and experienced roofing contractors can make a difference. If the contractor decides to work independently from your insurance provider, the process will take twice as long. In addition to the inconvenience, you will have to go back and forth between your contractor and your insurance provider until the repairs are completed.

On the other hand, contractors like us have the experience and know-how to work with insurance providers directly. We are familiar with the requirements and can help expedite your storm damage insurance claim.

Why Choose Rapid Roofing

Our experience with storm damage insurance claims helps ensure that your insurance provider’s requirements will all be met and that your claim will be approved in the shortest time possible. Having us on board early on means that once your claim is approved, we can start with the repair work immediately; no need to shuttle back and forth between us and your insurance provider.

We have a wide selection of roofing options that will fit your requirements, whether you are simply going for a full restoration or if you’re taking this opportunity to upgrade your roof. Also, if your windows, siding and basement were also damaged by the storm, we can incorporate those into the repair work; no need to call a separate contractor.

To learn more about our residential roof installation and storm damage repair services, call Rapid Roofing today at (734) 234-5900. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve many areas in and near Plymouth, MI.