The Problematic Areas of Your Roof

Regardless of how invested you are in your roof’s maintenance and care, damage to the roofing system is unavoidable. While this is mostly because of the constant exposure to harsh elements, there are certain areas of your roof that are more susceptible to damage than the rest. Fortunately, these can be easily identified and repaired by professionals. Rapid Roofing, the premier source of quality residential roofing services, discusses each one in detail:

 The Problematic Areas of Your Roof


The soffit usually refers to the finished surface below your fascia or the exposed area underneath your roof eave. It has small holes that improve air circulation in your attic, helping prevent rot in your sheathing and rafters. Over time, however, it can develop cracks and holes that provide entry for water and small animals. Avoid further damage to your roof by calling Rapid Roofing for an inspection. Depending on the extent of damage, we may advise you replace the soffit.


The gutter’s main job is to protect your home from water damage by directing rain away from it. The problem is, leaves and debris can easily clog your system, blocking the flow of water. When it rains, this then causes an overflow that can damage your home or result in mold and mildew growth that compromises your roof’s condition. Our expert team can help you maintain your gutter’s condition. We also offer seamless gutter installation if you need a replacement. 


This is responsible for sealing the edges of your roofing system, including the perimeters, valleys and walls, to prevent water from entering your system. Harsh weather and oxidation, however, can cause your flashing to deteriorate early, so it’s important to have it checked regularly. Depending on your roofing type, flashings are usually aluminum or steel for superior durability.

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