FAQs About Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Storm damage is a catch-all term that refers to damage from any inclement weather, such as thunderstorms and hailstorms. The damage it can potentially do to your home, especially the roof, can get extensive, and it’s vital that you take immediate action to prevent more complications.

FAQs About Storm Damage Insurance Claims

In this post, Rapid Roofing answers the frequently asked questions about filing a storm damage insurance claim.

Q:  I Don’t See Any Damage on My Roof. Do I Still Need to File?

A:  What’s dangerous about storms is that the damage may not be obvious or even visible. Wind damage, for example, usually flies under the radar and will usually manifest later on when it’s a more serious concern. Even if your roof appears to have weathered the storm relatively unscathed, you still want to call your roofer and have an inspection done to check for any hidden damage.

Q:  Will My Premiums Go Up if I File a Claim?

A: Filing a storm damage insurance claim shouldn’t raise your premiums, especially if it’s from an “Act of God” like inclement weather. That said, the only time your premiums will actually go up is if the entire region suffers from a major storm. In cases like this, the whole region’s premiums will go up along with yours.

Q:  How Long Do I Have to File?

A: The time frame depends on your insurance policies, but you typically have a year to file your insurance. As you’re thinking of when to file, it’s a good opportunity to get in contact with your local roofing contractors and have the roof inspected. 

Q: Do I Need to Work With a Contractor?

A: While your insurance company will do this for you eventually, calling up a roofer like us allows us to help you document the storm damage and do our own assessment. Working with a contractor is also beneficial so that your adjuster doesn’t overlook things, and you get a fair assessment of the damage your house has sustained.

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