Avoid These Storm Damage Insurance Claim Mistakes

Harsh weather events are inevitable, damaging many properties yearly. Fortunately, you can file a storm damage insurance claim to help recuperate repair costs.

Despite meeting all the necessary requirements, many legitimate claims are being declined. In today’s post, your leading residential roof replacement expert, Rapid Roofing, discusses common causes of denied or underpaid storm damage insurance claims.

  1. Not Filing a Timely Claim – This is probably the most common mistake people make. You have to immediately call your insurance provider if you have experienced storm damage. Some carriers have deadlines for filing a storm damage claim. Every policy is different, but it’s important you follow these deadlines to avoid being declined or underpaid.
  2. Not Documenting the Storm Damage – Take pictures of all the damaged areas of your home. Without any documentation, the adjuster is left to assess your home. You may be at risk of being in the hands of an adjuster who isn’t an expert in storm damage claims.

    Some home improvement contractors can assist you with your insurance claim. Rapid Roofing, your local residential roofing services provider, will perform a thorough inspection of your home as well as provide proper documentation. Our team will make sure you meet all of your insurance company’s requirements.

  3. Not Completing Temporary Repairs – Once you’ve filed your insurance claim, it may take the adjuster a few days to visit your home. Most homeowner policies require that while a claim is being processed, the policyholder must mitigate the storm damage. Prevent water from entering your home by placing a tarp on your roof and broken windows. You are risking further damage, which my not be covered by insurance policies, by not doing temporary repairs.
  4. Accepting the First Settlement Offer – Many homeowners just want the process to be over with and have their home restored as soon as possible. Don’t just accept the first offer your insurance provider sends, especially if it isn’t reasonable for the cost you’re paying for repairs. Those who aren’t experienced with dealing with a storm damage claim are most likely to commit this mistake. Keep in mind that once you take the offer, there’s no turning back.

Choose Rapid Roofing to help you with your storm damage insurance claim. Our home improvement advisors can assist you with affordable financing and credit application options, and convenient payment arrangements. Aside from insurance claim assistance, we also provide quality skylight installation and siding replacement services. Call us at (734) 234-5900, or complete our online form for a free quote. We work with homeowners in Ann Arbor, MI.