Post-Storm Care Tips for Your Gutters

There are several areas in your home that require immediate attention after a storm, and gutters are one of them. Strong winds, overflowing water and falling debris can do a number on them, and. when left neglected, they might compromise your home’s structural integrity.

Post-Storm Care Tips for Your Gutters

Make sure they are in their best condition once the weather has cleared. Rapid Roofing shares some tips:

Inspect Your Gutters

It’s important to check for signs of damage on your gutters, so you can address them immediately and prevent them from causing further harm to your home. Look for dents, splitting, peeling paint and water damage around the gutters. These are all indicators that your gutters need prompt repairs.

If your gutters have sustained severe damage that’s beyond repair, however, make sure to replace them with a more durable and low-maintenance system. Fortunately, Rapid Roofing offers quality seamless gutter installation. Unlike sectional gutters, seamless systems are formed from a single sheet of metal, making them less prone to leaks and clogs. We customize them to fit your home’s specifications.

Remove Debris Buildup

Leaving your gutters congested with leaves, twigs and other debris can cause major leaks that can damage your roof and foundation. This can also lead to mold growth, which can pose a health risk. That said, it’s vital to keep your gutters clean and clear to prevent these issues. More importantly, this ensures that your home’s other components, such as your roof and siding, will perform well during harsh weather conditions.

Check Your Downspouts

Even if your gutters are in sound condition, they won’t perform at their best if there is clogging in the downspouts. If water is not flowing freely through the spout, run the garden hose up the spout, and let the strong stream of water loosen the debris. If this method can’t eliminate the clog, use a plumber’s snake instead.

When it comes to gutter replacement or emergency roof repair, Rapid Roofing is the team that you can trust. Contact us at (734) 234-5900 for more information. We serve residents across Ann Arbor, MI, and surrounding areas.