Trust GAF Master Elite® Contractors for Post-Storm Support

Unfortunately, many homeowners still struggle to avoid storm chasers. Fly-by-night contractors exploit their situation by knocking on their doors at the most favorable time and make false claims of fixing their roofs at the lowest price. This is one of the many reasons you shouldn’t rush on hiring roofers after a storm.

Trust GAF Master Elite® Contractors for Post-Storm Support

There’s a huge difference when it comes to choosing non-certified roofers and GAF Master Elite® roofing contractors like Rapid Roofing for post-storm support. 

Comprehensive Suite of Tools

GAF provides state-of-the-art apps for certified contractors and homeowners to take the right steps before, during and after a storm. These apps not only make storm response easier for us, but also help us educate our clients on possible storm impacts. The tools include:

  • GAF WeatherHub: This is an all-in-one weather tracking and historical reporting tool that helps us determine your specific needs, verify storm damage and prepare for installations. It features printable maps and reports that make it easier to communicate with your insurer.

  • WeatherHub Alerts: This app allows you to notify us when a storm hits your area, and let’s us to schedule a roof inspection to spot and fix potential damage.

  • Storm Relief Web Portal: This is a one-stop storm response information portal, where you can get tips on getting your storm damage insurance claim, download inspection checklists and more.

Training and Education

Since homeowners only have to replace their roof at least twice in their lifetime, most of them don’t know how to deal with storm damage. This is where GAF’s Tactical Roofing Education Center (TREC) can help. This self-contained unit informs consumers about the red flags to watch out for and the different ways to address storm damage on roofs. GAF makes this information available to everyone in home improvement retailer parking lots and other public venues after a storm.

Furthermore, Master Elite contractors like us have access to GAF’s Expert Values Series program, which includes discussions about storm restoration and XM8 mastery. This gives us the skills required to give you the assistance you need. 

Whether you need residential roof installation or storm damage repairs, turn to Rapid Roofing right away. Contact us at 734) 234-5900 for more information about our post-storm support. We serve Plymouth and nearby communities in Michigan.