CertainTeed® STONEfacade™: Features and Benefits

Stone veneer makes a home look luxurious, warm and inviting. However, traditional stonework takes time to install and can involve significant costs. Thankfully, CertainTeed® has developed a product that’s more cost-effective while incorporating the beauty of natural stones.

Here are the features and benefits of CertainTeed STONEfacade™.

Unique Features

The stone veneer has a fully integrated rainscreen, screw-in-place mortarless installation and one-of-a-kind panel configurations. STONEfacade also includes full complementary matching accessories, such as sills, corners and electrical and light boxes.

Easy Installation

STONEfacade panels have a continuous fastening flange that can be easily screwed into place. With the built-in rainscreen and fastening flange, the panels can be hung quickly. Rapid Roofing is a CertainTeed 5-Star siding installer so you can be assured you’ll have beautifully installed stone veneer.

Picked by Hand

CertainTeed’s craftsmen carefully pick each stone to create panels that capture the irregular patterns and varied colors of hand-laid stones. Unique hand brushstrokes are applied to STONEfacade components to give them the look of natural stone.


Proper drainage is essential to stone products to prevent moisture buildup in wall cavities. With a fully-integrated 3/8-inch rainscreen, the wall cavity will stay dry, and it reduces the chances for moisture-related damage.

Smart Investment

Statistics suggest that stone veneer gives at least 90% returns on investment. STONEfacade will significantly increase your curb appeal and help attract buyers if you’re planning on selling your property.

Low Maintenance

Other cladding products need regular repainting, recaulking and sealing to maintain their looks. With STONEfacade, all you need is a soft bristle brush and a bucket of soap and water.

Properly installed stone veneers can last for many years. Make sure to hire a contractor with specialty siding training like Rapid Roofing. You can trust us with your siding installation and emergency roof repair needs. Call us at (734) 234-5900, or complete our online form for a free quote. We serve homeowners in Ann Arbor, MI.