What is the Process of a Roof Installation?

How well do you understand the roof installation process?

Rapid Roofing has the most efficient, effective, and warranty-backed installation process in Detroit. We’d like to show you how the pros get the job done and deliver outstanding results on any project; big or small.

Rapid Roofing’s Installation Process

  1. Initial Consultation (inspection, material selection, etc.
    • The first thing we do is provide a free consultation where we learn about your goals as a homeowner, inspect the roof, and help you choose the best materials. Then we quote you an estimate for the project, which you can either accept if we have an agreement.
  2. Prepare the Job Site for Roof Construction
    • Before starting anything, we want to prep the job site by moving or covering cars, landscaping, and other exterior features. This helps us avoid damaging or scratching anything inadvertently.
  3. Remove the Old Roof
  4. Inspecting & Prepping the Roof Deck
    • This is where we look around for rotten or molded material. If the decking has these damages, we’ll need to replace it, too. Next, we prepare the deck with flashing, water shielding, and other protective components.
  5. Install New Materials
    • Then, we install the shingles, which is normally a bottom-up process, beginning at the roof edges. This culminates with re-installing the vents, gutters, and other important equipment.

Last Step: Cleanup & Final Inspection

We never leave a mess, so our last step is to clean all around the premises before doing a final inspection with you. If you like the results, you can now enjoy a new roof that will last several years. We’ll also review your warranty coverage: both the service warranty with us, and the manufacturer guarantees.

Reasons to Consider Installing a New Roof

There are many reasons to consider a major renovation like this. For one thing, it’s a much faster process than other projects. We can be in and out of your home within the same day depending on the size and complexity of your roof.

Homeowners also appreciate the aesthetic enhancement that comes from a new roof replacement. If you just got new window shutters, it’s great to have some sharp, matching shingles to compliment them. Plus, replacing your roof is one of the smartest ways to conquer problems with energy inefficiency.

Signs that It’s Time for a New Roof Installation

Don’t forget that you can save significant money by hiring us for regular roof inspections. The expert opinion of a roofing professional is your best way of knowing whether you need a new roof, or can get by a little longer with piece-meal repairs.

Nevertheless, here are a few warning signs that it’s time to install a new roof.

  • Your roof materials and ceilings have considerable amounts of mold, algae, or signs of water damage.
  • The shingles are falling off your roof faster lately.
  • You can’t keep up with all the leaks.
  • Your heating/AC bill seems to get worse all the time.
  • The neighbors are pointing and staring at your slumping roof.
  • There are almost no granules left on your shingles.
  • You feel drafty air enter your home even after replacing your windows, doors, and siding.

The Best Roof Installation in Michigan with Rapid Roofing

Since you shouldn’t trust an expensive roof project to any old contractor, we hope you’ll do your homework and verify some of our credentials. This is too big of an investment to leave to chance.

We have full certification as Master Elite installers for GAF shingles. That comes from about 20 years of experience with that terrific roofing material. You can also check out all our Google Reviews testimonials, where previous clients give us an almost perfect overall evaluation.

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