Conditions Affecting Mosquito Activity

Certain conditions bring about heightened mosquito activity. Being aware of these allows you to curb the likelihood of getting bitten. A look around your home may, in fact, help identify potential breeding grounds for these small creatures. Rapid Roofing, your local roofing and siding contractor, discusses some of these conditions in today’s post.

Mosquitoes’ Location

Within the whole continent, mosquito activity in general increases from south to north, from coastal to inland habitats.

Weather: A Big Factor

Mosquitoes are not strong flyers, which is why they are found in areas with little to no wind. Extreme heat and cold restrict their ability to fly, though 80-degree temperatures favor most species. Worth noting, however, is the fact that rainfall presents an opportunity for them to spread and multiply.

Inspecting Your Home

Standing water may collect in certain areas and objects in your home, including buckets, old tires and potted plant trays. These breeding grounds must be emptied or risk having mosquitoes enter your home. Consider replacing your current windows with new ones that can be fitted with a screen to protect your indoors from these insects.

You may also want to replace your gutters as well. Clogs cause water to collect in the troughs, giving mosquitoes another place to lay eggs. It is a sign that your gutters may not be functioning as intended, which is why investing in a new gutter system – a seamless one at that – might be necessary.

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