Your Vinyl Siding Maintenance Checklist for Summer

Summer is an especially punishing time of the year for vinyl siding. The high heat and the occasional rains create a hot and humid atmosphere that can affect your siding, possibly shortening its life span.

Your Vinyl Siding Maintenance Checklist for Summer

Rapid Roofing, your vinyl siding installation experts, shares what should be in your vinyl siding maintenance checklist this summer.

Clean the Siding

The first thing on your checklist is regular cleaning. The hot and humid weather means debris and dirt will stick on the surface of your vinyl siding instead of just sliding off. Apart from how unsightly dirty siding is, the debris can also affect the actual structure of the material – especially if it’s wet and sticky due to moisture. Prevent premature rot and damage by giving your siding a good cleaning at least once at the end of every week.

Check for Cracks and Damage

Vinyl siding requires less overall maintenance, but it’s still susceptible to damage from inclement weather. Your siding might have been damaged the previous season, and it’s only now that it’s starting to show signs of damage. 

Have a good look around your vinyl siding system, and check for cracks and missing pieces. You’ll want to patch these up as soon as possible to avoid exposing your home to the heat and the occasional rain.

Check for Signs of Fading

Just like composite siding, the color of your vinyl siding isn’t actually painted on. Rather, it permeates the entire material. The color shouldn’t wear away, but if it’s starting to show signs of fading, then it’s a clear sign that the material itself is close to the end of its service life.

When this happens, you’ll want to replace the faded vinyl siding. Old vinyl siding won’t protect your home as effectively and will gradually become more susceptible to weather damage. To avoid incurring extra maintenance costs, we recommend you have our team replace your old siding. 

At Rapid Roofing, we offer expert siding installation service. We’ll also help keep your siding in good condition this summer. Call us today at (734) 234-5900 to learn more about our services. We work with homeowners in Canton, MI.