The Best Time of Year To Replace Your Roof

When it’s time for a roof replacement, choosing the best time of year to replace your roof can be critical for the success of the project.

The last thing you want is to choose the wrong time of year and have a major storm or weather event interrupt the work before it can be finished. Damaging the framing and underlayment of your roof can be a recipe for costly repairs and increased materials costs.

Timing is everything, especially when you know that a replacement is going to be needed soon. Here’s how to choose the best time for your roof replacement.

When Is The Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof?

In general, here in Michigan, the best time for roof replacements is early Fall. The weather is a little more stable, you’re less likely to have to reschedule around a storm, and the weather is also better for the work.

Summer replacements can work, but there is a higher risk of thunderstorms or other adverse weather events causing problems. That said, late spring and summer are the other two best times of year for roof installations – especially if you can schedule during a time with several days of clear weather in your forecast.

Depending on the contractor you work with, they may only schedule roof replacements during certain windows each year, unless a replacement is being done on an urgent or emergency basis.

Part of that is to help avoid the problems a shoddy installation can cause, and part of it is to protect your safety and the safety of the workers on the job.

Can You Replace Your Roof Other Times of Year?

Here in Michigan the only times you really can’t replace your roof unless it’s an emergency are late Autumn through early Spring. In other words, you can typically get a roof replacement anytime from March through October.

We’re lucky to live in a state that has such a wide window of time for roof replacements, but of course, the weather can still mess with even the best-laid plans. Having some flexibility around your roof replacement can help make sure your contractor can do their best work.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Time of Year To Replace Your Roof?

Choosing the right time of year is critical for any roof replacement for a few reasons. For one thing, taking off your existing roofing and making replacements can significantly change the insulation of your home while the work is being done.

You don’t want to lose the insulation of your roof in the middle of the winter. Trust us.

But the biggest factor is what the weather is likely to do at any given time of the year. You want stable and predictable weather as much as possible, and to avoid any serious storms that could damage your new roof or the roofing materials during installation.

Other considerations include things like what time of year is going to be the least disruptive to you and your household, and scheduling around any major events at your home since roofing work can be fairly loud.

Want A New Roof Fast?

Here at Rapid Roofing, we pride ourselves on the skill of our contractors, the ability of our roofing specialists to pick out the best materials for any project, and the craftsmanship we put into every single roof we work on.

But that doesn’t mean that getting a new roof needs to take a long time.

If the best time of year to replace your roof is right now, six months from now, or just soon, contact Rapid Roofing, we can help.