James Hardie® Siding: Engineered to Work in Any Climate

James Hardie® siding is known for its outstanding performance and excellent durability. Given that your home’s exterior is constantly exposed to the elements, it is important that you equip your residence with the best siding product available. This siding is, after all, engineered to protect your home for years.

What is impressive about this major home component is that it is also engineered with unique climatic variables in mind. Thanks to the HardieZone® system, various siding products are available to fit the climate in your local area. Rapid Roofing, your residential siding and commercial roof installation contractor, talks about this more in today’s post.

The Ability to Withstand Local Weather

The HardieZone system has two product lines that take into account local weather. The HZ5® line, on the one hand, can hold out against freezing conditions and sudden changes in extreme temperatures. On the other hand, the HZ10® can stand up to the blistering heat, wind-driven rain and hurricane-speed winds.

With the right James Hardie siding that is based on the HardieZone system, your home can withstand annual weather changes. As harsh as they can be, expect your new siding to perform and last as advertised.

Highlighting Both Aesthetics and Function

As your residential siding and commercial roof repair commercial roof repaircontractor, we recommend speaking with a pro when it comes to choosing the right siding for your home. Both HZ5 and HZ10 products come with regional-centric designs, allowing you to customize and fast-track your home improvement plans.

Also, it is worth noting that James Hardie products have top-notch transferable warranty coverage. Investing in a complete HardieZone system will give value for your money as well as enjoy the maximum performance your chosen siding provides.

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