Can Rain Diverters Take the Place of Gutters?

Gutters can be an eyesore, or they can’t be installed in certain areas of your home. This is where rain diverters come in handy. Learn what rain diverters are and if they can be used as an alternative for gutters.

What Are Rain Diverters?

Rain diverters are formed metal strips that are slipped beneath the roofing. Diverters are manufactured in either a J or an L profile. They channel water sideways and are usually placed on roofs above entryways. Installing them over the entry doors makes it easier for people to enter and exit without getting drenched.

It’s recommended to install rain diverters to direct water into the gutters and to the sides of the roof projection. However, not everyone appreciates how rain diverters look as they tend to stick out from the roof. Your leading provider of residential roofing services, Rapid Roofing, specializes in installing seamless gutters that perfectly fit your roofing system.

Are They a Substitute for Gutters?

Diverters aren’t an alternative to gutters. They are just a possible option for areas where gutters don’t look good. These metal strips can only divert water sideways and not down and away from your home.

Seamless gutters that are expertly designed and fit well can be the best solution for your home. They also don’t require as much maintenance than sectional gutters. Leaks and clogs are less likely to occur in seamless gutters. Also, they are available in various options to complement your home. Many come in special finishes that can make them last for many years.

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