Getting Ready for Winter: A Fall Maintenance To-Do List

You’ll be spending a lot more time inside when the weather starts to get chilly, which is why it’d be a good idea to prepare your home for winter and fall.

Check Your Exterior for Signs of Damage

Check if there are any gaps in your exterior. Heat can leak out of these gaps and raise your heating costs. In particular, you should check the following parts of your exterior:

  1. Windows and doors’ weather stripping – The Department of Energy estimates that damaged weather stripping accounts for up to 10% of the average household’s heating bills.
  2. Exterior Caulk – The caulk found at your siding’s corners is easily damaged.
  3. Roof – Replace loose shingles and fix leaks. But for extensive or widespread damage, a roof replacement may be necessary.

Most signs of early roof damage are barely noticeable, which is why it’d be better to leave roof inspections to qualified roofers.

Take Preventative Measure

Exterior damage in winter can be inconvenient. While you’re waiting for the damage to be fixed, cold dry air may be rushing inside your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to take some preventative measures against exterior damage. Give your siding a fresh coat of paint if there are signs of peeling. Trim overhanging tree limbs before they get knocked down and cause damage to your roof.

Clean Your HVAC System

Air quality, alongside comfortable air temperatures, is a key component of indoor comfort. Check your HVAC system if it’s working properly, and replace your air filters. Don’t forget to clean your carpets and replace your linens. These can house dust, dust mites, and other allergens that can lower indoor air quality in winter.

It’s still isn’t too late to do all these tasks. But admittedly, there’s quite a lot to accomplish. But by getting professional help, you can finish all this to-do list just in time for winter.

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