Dealing With a Fraudulent Home Improvement Contractor

Many are taking advantage of the nice weather to complete home improvement projects, but so are fraudulent contractors. In fact, around 20,000 to 100,000 scammers attempt to victimize homeowners yearly.

In this post, your local residential roof installation expert, Rapid Roofing, discusses preventive measures against home improvement fraud.

Who Are at Most Risk?

Home improvement contractors take most interest in seniors. This is because seniors own over half of all financial assets in America. Around 30% of scam victims in the U.S. are seniors. A study says that seniors are prime targets not just because of their age, but also because of their more open and polite attitude.

According to the Department of Health, 60% of seniors live in homes that are at least two decades old. This calls for accessibility home upgrades like walkways. The elderly tend not to ask questions about the job or do background checks because they just want to get the work done. Some don’t even report that they’ve been victimized because of shame. Meanwhile, those who do remember fewer details of the incident.

How to Identify a Fraudulent Contractor

Fraudulent contractors usually provide false information, ask for payments without providing services, change the terms of the contract (specifically the cost) and post false advertising. By contrast, you can rely on Rapid Roofing and our experiences as we’ve been providing residential roof installation for more than 30 years.

Those who offer discounts for referrals and use leftover materials from previous jobs are most likely fraudulent, too. Look out for contractors who only accept cash payments and have no business number in your local telephone directory. A reliable contractor won’t ask you to get the necessary building permits. You shouldn’t be pressured to immediately make a decision or an upfront payment.

You should definitely not work with a contractor that shows these signs, and you should warn your neighbors about them. To protect yourself, ask a contractor how long they’ve been in the business as well as their permanent business address. Check the initial year of their license. It’s also important that they have insurance for roofers and for any damage that may occur in your property.

Don’t make hasty decisions, and thoroughly research the contractor you’re hiring. As much as possible, hire a local contractor, ask for references, and get a written contract. Choose Rapid Roofing for safe and quality home improvement services. We can also assist you with your storm damage insurance claim. Call us at (734) 234-5900, or complete our online form for a free quote. We work with homeowners in Plymouth, MI.