Paying for Storm Damage Restoration in New Hudson, MI

So, you’re officially faced with the worst-case scenario. You came home after a storm only to find hail damage to your siding and a tree limb lying on top of your roof. There’s enough damage to require professional restoration. What happens now?

How Do You Pay for Storm Damage Restoration: Your Insurance Policy Can Help

The good news is your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover the cost to repair damage due to stormy weather. Most policies cover roof damage due to falling trees and debris, hail damage resulting in siding cracks and chips, plus water damage due to a collapsed roof or roof leak.
The compensation you receive depends on your specific policy. It’s best to refer to your insurance policy to better understand what’s covered and what isn’t. Next, call a professional roofing and siding contractor who can give you a proper estimate for storm damage repair before you file a claim.
>Rapid Roofing Can Help You With Your Claim

After you file your claim, your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to your home. To ensure the best possible outcome, we provide insurance claim assistance. We’ll send one of our insurance claims specialists to your home the day your adjuster pays a visit to ensure a proper assessment of the damage.

What if My Homeowner’s Policy Won’t Cover the Restoration?

If a storm damages your home, your homeowner’s policy will likely cover the repair. Yet, if for any reason the damage to your home isn’t covered completely, there are financing options available to help.
Rapid Roofing offers several different options, including affordable financing and credit application options, as well as payment arrangements with down payments as low as $0. We also offer flexible plans with low payments spread out over 60 months.

Call Rapid Roofing in New Hudson for Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage can do a number on your New Hudson home’s roofing and siding. We have years of experience working with homeowners whose homes require repair and restoration. To learn more about our services or our financing options, give our New Hudson office a call today at 248-600-5294.