Commercial Roof Replacement: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

There’s nothing more inconvenient for an entrepreneur than having to stop operations for a day or more because of faulty roofing. Your roofing is designed to withstand the elements and protect your business. It’s true that many different roofing types perform that job pretty well. However, nothing is permanent and eventually, your roofing may need replacement.

Commercial Roof Replacement: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Here are our top three things to consider before replacing your roof.

1. Your Building and Its Surroundings

Your building’s use, construction and location are all equally important factors when choosing a roof. The materials used to build the structure can help you narrow down the seemingly endless list of options when it comes to roofing replacement. The types of activities that your roof will be handling must also be considered. Will it be exposed to chemical exhaust? Will there be foot traffic? Finally, ask your roofing company about district regulations, laws and restrictions about commercial roofing to make sure that all installation is up to code.

2. Your Efficiency Goals

You want a roof that can meet LEED® and ENERGY STAR® certification goals if energy efficiency is a priority. Not only does it help your ecological footprint, but your local government may even offer tax credits for businesses who meet ENERGY STAR requirements. Lastly, consider the recyclability and reusability of your roof materials. You want a roof that can last as long as needed, requiring the least amount of maintenance and service.

3. Your Budget

The most important consideration of all is arguably your budget, which you will want to keep as realistic as possible. Rapid Roofing offers plenty of financing options that can fit most budgets without breaking the bank.

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