An Overview of Fiber Cement Siding’s Rising Popularity

According to a recent independent study by the Freedonia Group, Inc., the world of siding installation, while still dominated by vinyl siding, is slowly being taken over by fiber cement. What makes this material superior to other siding materials, and why are more and more people making the switch?

An Overview of Fiber Cement Siding’s Rising Popularity

Our specialists at Rapid Roofing sought to find the reason behind this fairly new siding’s newfound popularity.

Durability and Resistance to Damage

Perhaps the feature that sets fiber cement siding apart from other types of siding is its tremendous ability to withstand almost any kind of damage. Fiber cement siding is more durable and more resistant to fire, insects, rain, rot and other typical weaknesses shared by most other traditional materials. In addition to its intrinsic strength, fiber cement also requires far less maintenance than the competition, making it an increasingly leading choice for many homeowners nationwide.

Versatility and Ease of Use

Siding contractor also like this material since it’s extremely easy to install. While fiber cement remains decidedly a bit more expensive than other types of siding, you’ll find installation fees to be comparatively lower. The one drawback is that material still has a limited color palette. Its popularity, however, is a sure sign that as demand for fiber cement increases, so will your palette options.

Longer Lasting

A fiber cement finish can easily last over 25 years without ever needing a new layer of paint, which is far longer than the expected lifespan of vinyl siding. With a longer life expectancy and fewer maintenance calls, it’s not surprising that fiber cement will slowly become a favorite for homeowners.

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