4 of the Most Common Roof Styles

During your next residential roof replacement project, keep in mind what roof styles are available. Although the roof material is important, the style is what determines how your roof looks and even performs against the weather.

4 of the Most Common Roof Styles

Rapid Roofing lists the features of four of the most common roof styles.

1. Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are increasing in popularity as contemporary and modern architecture styles are becoming more prevalent. Keep in mind that contrary to what they are called, flat roofs are not 100% flat. They often have a low slope to allow water to run off the surface. These roofs are made with roof membranes or “rubber” roofs. The three most popular are TPO, PVC and EPDM.

2. Gable Roof

This is the quintessential roof style and is defined by its triangular appearance. This is the gable, which is formed when two pitched areas of the roof meet at one point. This style is the easiest to maintain as it only has two flat surfaces and lacks the problematic hips or valleys. This roof accommodates additions very well, such as skylight installation or extra roof vents. Wood and asphalt are the typical materials used when constructing this roof style.

3. Mansard

This French Mansard roof style is another popular style and is easy to identify as it has a hat-like shape. The profile of the roof features two slopes on each side, and the bottom part is steeper and appears almost pitchless.

It’s easy to think that this roof uses only traditional materials, but the Mansard is actually constructed now with metal materials. This is to avoid difficult maintenance and access in the future.

4. Saltbox Roof

This is a popular roof style in New England and other Northeastern states. It boasts an asymmetrical design with the front of the home having two stories compared to one in the back. This style is naturally wind resistant due to its unique shape, although the slanted ceilings are a bit limiting – especially for taller people. Like the gable roof, Saltbox roofs are usually made with wood shake and asphalt, although it’s not uncommon for them to be made with metal, too.

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