Features and Benefits of GAF Leak Barriers

Leaks from the roof can result in water damage, which can affect your ceiling and walls, and cause mold and mildew growth. Installing leak barriers can help protect your roofing against leaks due to overflowing gutters and extreme weather events.

In today’s post, your leading roofing company, Rapid Roofing, discusses the benefits of GAF leak barriers.

Leak Barriers

With the right leak barriers, you can ensure your roof stays protected against leaks and water damage. Most building codes require ice dam protection at the eaves for areas that experience an average temperature of 25 degrees in January

Moreover, GAF recommends installing leak barriers in places that experience hail, harsh storms and wind-driven rains. Only trust a GAF Master Elite® roofing contractor like Rapid Roofing for your residential roof service.


StormGuard® is a film-surfaced leak barrier used to help keep water out of metal and asphalt roofs. Its fiberglass reinforcement resists wrinkling and buckling. The split-back release film makes installation easy and quick.

It creates a barrier at the leak-prone areas of your roof, such as the eaves, rakes and valleys, and around chimneys. This protects your home from water staining and expensive repair costs.


WeatherWatch® is a mineral-surfaced leak barrier for asphalt roofs. It also protects the most vulnerable areas of your roof. However, it isn’t recommended for metal roofs because it may erode the roofing over time. This can lead to leaks and early failure of the roof cover.

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