Why Should You Cover Your Siding With Green Walls?

Living green walls are vertical panels of plants usually grown using drip irrigation and installed on structures that stand freely or are attached to a house. Covering your siding with them offers practical benefits you can enjoy on a daily basis. Learn about many of these advantages below.

Celebrating Biophilia

Adding green walls can make your home design more biophilic. Incorporating such greenery to the sides of your home can satisfy your innate tendency to be closer to Nature.

Cleaning the Air

Plants use carbon dioxide and other pollutants as food and produce fresh oxygen, which all of us need to live. If there’s a lot of contaminants in your area, surrounding your home with more plants is the logical solution to have better air quality.

Prolonging Your Siding’s Service Life

Siding and window replacement experts, including Rapid Roofing, agree that living green walls placed outside take the brunt of the weather. They keep most of the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet (UV) rays from reaching the areas they cover. The shade can extend the lifespan of any siding system.

Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect

Vegetation reflects solar energy instead of absorbing it. The more plants you have, the cooler the outside temperature.

Abating Outdoor Noises

Living green wall installation is an effective noise abatement measure. If you feel like you need more peace and quiet, then this project should be a priority.

Boosting Curb Appeal

When it comes to aesthetics, the environment is a good source of inspiration. Many homeowners actually aim to incorporate Nature-inspired elements for better architecture. In addition to being visually calming, living green walls are customizable to creatively decorate your house exterior.

Economizing Yard Space

Green walls allow you to have a beautiful and therapeutic garden without sacrificing significant yard space. You will still have most of your lawn for landscaping.

While having living green walls have indisputable benefits, installing vertical panels of plants isn’t an alternative to siding installation. Replacement is the only solution to worn-out siding to prevent water leakage and insect infestation.

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