What Is Roof Reglet?

If you’re searching for ways to minimize water infiltration in your home, then you’ll want to learn a few things about roof reglet. This is an important concept and one we can help you with here at Rapid Roofing. Counter-flashing your home with reglet is something that helps you in many different regards, especially with avoiding water/mold damage.

Roof Reglet Basics

What is reglet? On your home’s exterior, it’s a flashing mechanism that runs along the grooves cut within a mortar joint. Its primary purpose is to seal off vulnerable cracks and joints that are susceptible to water leakage.

What do we mean by roof flashing? It’s basically another word for “weatherproofing,” which you’ll find around vents, chimneys, doors, windows, and any other place that’s vulnerable to water intrusion. Flashing is usually made from aluminum, copper, and steel. These can be either concealed within brick masonry or exposed externally.

This is not just a helpful accessory. Every roof needs it, particularly the more complex ones with lots of slopes and angles. You would ordinarily get flashing with your roof installation, as it’s critical for maintaining a long lifespan.

Consequences of Water Damage on Your Roof

It’s very common for homes to require roof repairs after multiple bouts of storm damage, and other wear and tear. Water is one of the biggest problems because it contributes to leaky roofs, mold proliferation, bacterial growth, clogged gutters, icy conditions in the winter, and other troubles.

Reglet is very important for safeguarding your exterior joints from these issues. Also, don’t forget that since this is a metal material, it too may succumb to rust problems. Therefore, you should have somebody from Rapid Roofing inspect your roof once in a while to see if any of it needs replacing.

Other Ways to Protect Your Roof

Since leaks are such an aggravating problem, we would like to remind you of some other roof protective measures. In addition to counter-flashing, you should do all of the following:

  • Always keep the gutters clean to prevent water pooling (and ice in the winter).
  • Take care of your landscaping. Don’t let dangerous tree branches go unattended all around your roof.
  • Avoid ice dams by raking snow off your roof. Be careful doing this if there’s already a lot of ice accumulating.
  • Keep your shingles in good repair.
  • Check the soffits around the undersides of your roof.
  • Don’t neglect maintenance on your vents and chimney.

Also, when in doubt, don’t try to do a whole bunch of roof repair tasks by yourself. This can be a recipe for disaster, both in terms of workmanship and personal safety (i.e., falling accidents).

Hire a Professional for All Service Tasks

It’s much better to hire a competent and experienced contractor, which is easy to do if you pre-screen roofers properly by asking important questions. Those would include things like:

  • Are you licensed to do this work?
  • What could go wrong during a roofing project and will you be on site to fix it?
  • What is your official business name and how can I learn more about you?

If you ask those kinds of questions, then you’ll be able to identify qualified roofers. Those are the ones you want installing new shingles, reglet, soffits, and anything else.

Rapid Roofing Helps with Roof Reglet, Insulation, Soffits, & More!

We handle all of it at Rapid Roofing. We’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured to work on roofs anywhere in Detroit, Canton, Ann Arbor, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Whether you need a new roof or repairs on your current one, we can help. This goes for all kinds of residential buildings like condos, multi-family homes, apartments, and more. Our services receive regular praise from our patrons all over Michigan, who rate us at a nearly perfect score on Google Reviews and Angie’s List.

Contact us today to get started with roof reglet installation on your home.