Things to Consider Before Installing Skylights

Installing skylights on your roof is one way of increasing the natural lighting in your home and cutting down on your power costs. But like all home features, skylights have their pros and cons. Here are things you need to take into account before installing a skylight.

The Disadvantages of Installing Skylights

Since your contractor will have to cut new openings in and add new edges to your roof, there’s a higher chance of roof leaks. But if the skylights are installed properly, no gap should be left uncovered after the installation.

The Type of Skylight

Natural lighting has many benefits: it can make a room seem larger and even the brighten the mood indoors. But how much is too much? Well, it depends on your needs, which would dictate the slope of your skylights. Flat roof skylights, for example, provide ample natural lighting and are therefore better suited for living spaces that have a lot of plants or that you only use in late afternoons. Flat roof skylights are also easy to install.

However, too much natural lighting isn’t conducive for naps, which is why sloped skylights are a better fit for spaces where you sleep or relax. These skylights let in a more proportionate amount of sunlight, but they’re also more prone to leaks and, therefore, need more protective features. To minimize the risk of roof leaks or moisture damage, only hire a certified contractor.

The Size of the Skylight

Your needs will also dictate the size of the skylight. Naturally, the bigger the skylight, the better the lighting and the more you’ll save on power costs. If you’re thinking of placing skylights on top of a bedroom, you may want to consider getting smaller skylights. However, the rule of thumb here is that the bigger the skylights, the better it is for you. If you want to control the amount of sunlight that enters your home, install skylight shades and blinds.

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